M 3.0 Personal Maps ¿Work-Life limits?

I am working in HR for years and I have done several times the question ¿What it’s the correct limit between work and personal life to addressing interactions with people?

For years exists the belief that work was work and personal issues that were outside the office. Personally and probably like everyone else I have lived in my story difficult moments and always made the effort to keep him away from my workplace. Fortunately, I see this belief decreasing and appear a new and more global way to see people, but also can observe the challenge of opening this new dimension that not always we are comfortable to us

Strengthen relationships positive within the organization is vital to achieving a sensation or general wellbeing ( Seligman , 2011) and that is why the existence of spaces formal or informal interaction participation is fundamental to management the organizational happiness.

The team that worked is part of an organization relatively young in the market. Partners fulfilled the dream of founding a business of architecture and construction or n being very successful in this area previously and with almost no experience in leadership. They have built a team composed of human highly qualified professionals, passionate about the challenge í os and the like them with a little experience running teams. A being their owners part of everyday business, l or logic of work is quite vertical. At the join the pandemic scenario and telecommuting interactions people have been affected, exacerbating the silos dynamic

Today there is a concern to improve the skills that managers have to lead teams and are beginning work to partners this challenge

The practice that was applied is Personal Maps: through maps to generate a detailed description of the person and in a simple way to communicate your partners to generate connections, affinity, and empathy: personal-maps

After some discussions to introduce new leadership skills, split the team of 12 people in 2 groups of 6. We worked in virtual Zoom rooms and Miro.

Incorporated traditional ramifications in every map like education, work, and current role in the organization and also included topics related to Personal life: hobbies, family, goals, and values.

In the first part of the exercise, they worked individually and then open the conversation and share their maps.

Very quickly appeared the question about ¿what share and how depth? showing this Mindset life/work mentioned before

My answer was “ whatever you want and with the depth that you choose “

After individual work and already sharing their maps, I could see that everyone without exception, shared important details of their lives that the rest unknow an on the whole despite having years working together. We develop a collaborative and relaxed atmosphere with a real interest in the other story.

They were beside virtuous connectors to advance projects and reduce the isolated work.

Facilitating this practice I learn which is very important to create a security environment for driven this exercise, so that everyone can feel comfortable, even if they do not consider discuss aspects of his personal life.

I see also the reception or open and respectful in exercise is key to the benefits of this activity extend outside to the session.

Create a correct preparation before the practice, setting the limits to de accept or not by the group, and allow everyone to deepen and share what makes you feel safe, can help build a favorable space.

Since we did this activity in virtual form and Miro, some of the participants, they were not so familiar with such tools, lost some focus in the practice to not understanding well the mode of the board.

I will try in a future practice that a more simple first experience. I look to take care that all the attention only in Personal Maps.

The manager’s team could identify their common points and connectors for different projects and implement and in the next weeks they put in practice this learning with their teams

Also, we open an important reflection about the benefits of sharing personal spaces to promote psychological security, close relationships, and trust

I was part of the Fundamentals Workshop Online in the last August. Since then I have been able to implement this practice with 3 different teams. In each of these opportunities, I am amazed at how powerful and at the same time simple this tool is. Even if you worked for years with some people, and because until recently your personal life was out of the equation, I invite you to put into practice, do not regret to